About Killer Guitar Straps
Tom Foster, here: owner at Killer Guitar and Instrument Straps. I’m a guitar player like many of you, and I understand that music is as much a mind-set as it is mechanics. Style is a huge factor in how you feel when you perform, which is why I started Killer. My problem wasn’t that I couldn’t find a great guitar strap: I couldn’t find a great guitar strap that was me. That’s why Killer is different from other instrument strap companies: we offer plenty of awesome in-house designs, but our customers aren’t locked into any of them. We want to allow your personal style to shine through, so if you want your own artwork, shop name, band name, or logo on your strap, we can do that, no sweat. We don’t want you to buy our strap, we want you to buy your strap.

Here at Killer Guitar Straps, we can’t make you a better musician, but we can make you a better-looking one.
Live the music, rock the strap.